Escape If You Can Cheats And Solutions: All Levels Walkthrough

Escape If You Can
Escape If You Can

Can You Escape is a little on the short side, but the good news is there's another, very similar game called Escape If You Can. Stuck on a puzzle? Here's every solution to the game.

Level 1

A nice and easy start to the game. Tap on the TV, then hit the power button at the bottom left of the screen. Note down the colors that appear on the screen. Tap on the frame to the left of the elevator and take the crowbar. Use the crowbar on the grate to the right, then tap the colors you wrote down earlier onto the control pad in the same order. Leave the room.

Level 2

Tap on the bottom of the chair, and take the ring that's attached underneath. Note the blue 8 that's written there. Go back to the main screen, and tap on the little box on the table. Use the ring on the drawer, tap to open it, and remove the key inside. Note the white 7. Tap on the keyhole beneath the painting and insert the key you looted. Underneath the desk is a yellow 6, and by the flowerpot is a red 3. Use those number/color combinations on the safe that's now available, and loot the key. Use the key on the elevator panel and proceed to the next level.

Level 3

Tap on the stepladder and grab the hammer. Tap on the ladder again to reveal a vent. Use the hammer on the vent. Tap on the opened hole, grab the metal clip, and make a note of the red 1. Note also the red 3 above the elevator doors. Tap on the workbench to the left of the room, then tap the switch near the bottom of the screen. A green 5 is revealed. Go to the workbench at the right of the room, and move the saw to reveal a white 0. Tap on the red cabinet, then change the control panel to a red 1, a red 3, a green 5, and a white 0. Take the screwdriver. Use the screwdriver on the elevator control panel to remove the cover. Use the clip to connect the wires, then exit the level.

Level 4

Tap under the sofa and take the coin. Now go to the table and remove the remote. Go to the green sofa and take the battery between the cushions. Combine the battery with the remote, and turn the TV on. Note the color combination down, put the coin in the vending machine, then enter that color combination into the panel on the machine. Take the bottle that appears, then take the corkscrew on top of the vending machine. Use the corkscrew on the bottle to get a piece of paper with 3945 written on it. Enter that code on the elevator panel and proceed to the next room.

Level 5

Tap on the clock twice and take the pink key. Go to the sofa, then tap on the cushions and take the object that appears. Go to the little table, tap on the picture frame, and rearrange the tiles to make a coherent picture, and receive the code 3857. Use that code on the table to get a blue key. Use both keys in the appropriate locks on the right-hand box. Use the object on the phone to illuminate the color code for the locked box, apply that code to the box, and use the lift button you loot to get the elevator working.

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