6 reasons why you should buy a PS4


The verdict is almost unanimous. Besides a few die-hard fans of Xbox who are crying foul, the PS4 has won the competition on all counts. Much more is being offered by Sony at a much lower price than the Xbox One.

Personally, we think that you should opt for the PS4 as it seems a lot more value for money and because we are fans of the system. However, don't take our word for it, below is a list of six reasons which might convince you to make that decision.

1. Great first-party games support


Sony is going all-out in featuring first-party games in the line-up of the games that are being developed for the PS4. 30 games are in development, 20 of which are due to release within a year of the console launch, 12 of them being new franchises. The first-party exclusives that have been announced for the PS4 till now are DriveClub, Knack, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Infamous: Second Son and The Order: 1886.

The great support that Sony is providing for first-party games and the awesome line-up of games are reason enough to buy a PS4.

2. 10 times more powerful than PS3

The next gen console from Sony, the PS4 is about 10x more powerful than its predecessor, the PS3. The phenomenal increase in power will facilitate better visuals, AI and physics. There will also be better gameplay and improvement in response time. Better lighting, anti-aliasing and possibly better frame rate will be the outcome of the increase in power.

Isn't it reason enough for buying a PS4? Is good enough for me.

3. PS Plus service and free games

PlayStation Plus
PlayStation Plus

With the PlayStation 4 comes the unrivaled PS Plus service, a membership which never flatters to deceive. As PS3 users will swear by, the PS Plus provides many mouth watering offers and many free games. Example may be taken here of Battlefield 3 which has been announced to be free of cost for PS Plus members.

Free games? Don't know why some are still thinking of not buying a PS4.

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