Where to Go in October 2013: Venice

In-the-know travelers will tell you October is one of the best times to visit this floating city. Venice swells with crowds and humidity in the summer but by October the masses have subsided leaving lower hotel rates and quiet piazzas in their wake. The weather around this time is generally warm – but not hot -- and sunny during the day, with cool evenings.

Moreover, this year the famous Biennale continues through November, offering the chance to see works of contemporary art from around the world in various pavilions, churches and palaces around the city. Other ways to get a taste of culture include taking in an opera at Teatro la Fenice, visiting one of Venice's world-renowned art museums or cheering on the Venice marathon.

And of course, because we can't discuss Italy without mentioning the food, if you wait until later in the month you can take advantage of the start of white truffle season. Grape harvest also takes place in October, with festivals and foot pressing events celebrating the noble fruit and the wine it produces.

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