Waitress' Claim: My Boss Made Me Eat Hallucinogenic Mushrooms

Sofie Rasmussen
Sofie Rasmussen

Secretly feeding someone hallucinogenic drugs: Hilarious prank? Or terrifying and illegal? These are the questions raised by a young woman's complaint in court against her former employer, which the New York Post reports was filed Monday.Sofie Rasmussen claims that her boss at a Manhattan restaurant, where she worked as a waitress, told her that he wanted her input on a new recipe -- then stuffed hallucinogenic mushrooms into her mouth.

Late in 2012 Rasmussen was a then-19-year-old server at the chicken restaurant, Sticky's Finger Joint. At that time, she claims, restaurant owner Paul Abrahamian took her into its kitchen and asked her to close her eyes -- telling her that she was going to taste a new dish -- then fed her a handful of mushrooms, covering her mouth until she swallowed them.