Mobile Gaming Industry on the Rise

Mobile gaming
Mobile gaming

Industry speculation from the International Data Corporation and App Annie suggests that the global mobile gaming industry will generate revenue of $12 billion in 2013.

Most of the available data is painting a picture where the mobile gaming industry is clearly on the rise.This article will have a brief look at some of the more interesting stories to be found within.

Sony's Plan for Vita

PlayStation Vita has been a struggle for Sony, much like Nintendo has been struggling with mobile gaming. This seems to be an area where smartphone and tablet developers look to set to dominate. However, Sony appears to have come up with a plan for the future of Vita. The PlayStation Store has received a brand new category of games entitled 'Indie'.

The category has been added with the intention of encouraging independent developers to start developing games and apps in the way that developers do for the App Store and Google Play. Patience will be required, though, to see if the strategy will work. Independent developers will need time before they start releasing quality content.

Rise Fuelled By Technology

Technology has led to a situation whereby mobile users can expect to receive highly-impressive internet connections even while they are on the move. In addition, their devices are now so sophisticated that they have caught up significantly in quality with mobile gaming devices developed by the likes of Sony and Nintendo.

Users can now save money by playing mobile games on their smartphone instead of shelling out extra cash to pay for a PlayStation Vita. Their life dictates that they need a phone, and now the present level of technology will ensure that they at least have a reasonably high-tech smartphone.

Integration is also a key point to be made on this topic, with users acquiring smartphones and tablets capable of performing multiple tasks. Now the average person can make phone calls, send texts, e-mail, take pictures, record videos, update their calendar and play mobile games, amongst many other functions. PlayStation unfortunately can't contend with that level of integration.

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