Next-Gen's Most Pre-Ordered Game goes to Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4

The PS4 and Xbox One will be coming out this holiday, and Battlefield 4 is so far the most pre-ordered game for both consoles. It seems that the EA series is becoming more popular, even reigning over its nemesis Call of Duty: Ghosts.

VGChartz has been keeping track of all pre-orders, showing that Battlefield 4 is more popular than Killzone: Shadow Fall and Xbox One Exclusive Forza Motorsport 5.There is high expectations for Battlefield 4, and E3 has risen the bar, where the pre-orders soared at Amazon and GameStop. Amazon decided to make a PS4 Battlefield 4 bundle since the sales have been doing so good.

The pre-orders have been available for a while now and Battlefield 4 will be ready to play this year on October 29th. A Battlefield 4 beta will be accessible in a special Deluxe version, which is also going to be available for all Premium members on Battlefield 3. Competition is going to be intense between EA and Activision, Battlefield 4 might have an advantage because their game releases a week earlier than Call of Duty: Ghosts.

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