The fate of Aaron Hernandez in Madden 25 and NCAA Football 14

Madden 25
Madden 25

Former New England Patriots Tight End, Aaron Hernandez will be removed from EA Sports' upcoming football video games: Madden NFL 25 and NCAA Football 14.

Hernandez was included in NCAA 14 in the new ultimate team game mode that was introduced this year. The release date for NCAA Football 14 is set for July 9th which may not give EA Sports enough time to remove him from the game completely. The much more likely option is for him to be removed through a release date roster update.

Madden 25 is still a couple months away which should give Electronic Arts time to remove him from the game. Hernandez was cut by the Patriots and cleared waivers with no teams showing any interest in him. Even if completely acquitted of all charges, Hernandez would likely face a long suspension from the NFL which pretty much guarantees that he won't play in the NFL this season.

The loss of Aaron Hernandez will hurt an already struggling Patriots offense for Madden 25. Wes Welker left for the Broncos while tight end Rob Gronkowski still doesn't have an exact time table for his return. This leaves franchise QB Tom Brady with very few offensive weapons. The Patriots will no longer be a top 5 or even top 10 offense in Madden 25.

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