Cities Where It Costs the Most to Run a Household

<b class="credit">Getty Images</b>Multigenerational family standing on porch of home after dinner in Austin, Texas.
Getty ImagesMultigenerational family standing on porch of home after dinner in Austin, Texas.

In many ways, the concept of "the American Dream" is fairly simple: people who work hard, study in school, save their money, and delay their gratification will be blessed with economic security and the ability to retire in comfort. And, for decades, that was certainly the case. However, as 2013's Credit Suisse Global Wealth Data Report suggests, this version of the American Dream is slipping away in America, even as it becomes more accessible in other countries.

Earlier this week, released an infographic that lays out some of the places where the American Dream is getting stretched the thinnest -- as well as some of the expenses that are increasingly crowding out our wallets. Some of their findings will surprise you: for example, when it comes to total household expenditures, the most expensive city isn't New York or San Francisco. It's Austin, Texas. And when it comes to the personal expenses that have gone up over the past three years, the biggest isn't housing or tuition: it's children's activities.

To see more about where household expenditures are highest, check out the infographic:

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