A Job For Hitler Lookalikes

Adolf HitlerMany skills and talents help workers succeed in the modern workplace, but looking like the most brutal dictator to have ever lived is usually not included on the list. Yet earlier this week, the Stephen David Entertainment production company posted a Craigslist classified ad seeking cast members who have a "physical resemblance" to Adolf Hitler for an upcoming mini-series that will air on the History Channel. The gig will last a total of four weeks, and will pay $300 to $350 a day. Previous acting experience is not required, but the ad said that having a German accent is considered "helpful."

New York's Daily News had fun writing about this job opportunity. "Finally -- there's hope for people who look like Adolf Hitler... [h]aving that toothbrush mustache and the look of a megalomaniac could now earn you some cold hard cash."

As AOL Jobs has reported, lookalike work can be quite lucrative. British waitress Michaela Weeks earned 300,000 pounds ($483,000) as of December 2012 impersonating Britney Spears. She's even posed as Spears in music videos. Another former British waitress, Heidi Agan, recently changed jobs to appear as Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William. She's able to charge $1,000 an hour to impersonate Middleton at events.

The Craigslist ad said shooting for the series will take place in September on the East Coast of the U.S. and then in Germany in October. The docudrama is expected to be six hours long, and will track Hitler throughout his adult life, from his days as a soldier in World War I to his experience leading Germany during World War II.

While one Hitler was more than enough, Stephen David Entertainment might be open to hiring multiple actors to portray Hitler from age 25 to 56. The company is also seeking actors to play Hitler's foils, Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.

Casting actors is central to the work of production companies, and the ad for a Hitler lookalike plays it totally straight, despite the kind of fun that others have had with the idea of it, perhaps most famously Mel Brooks in "The Producers."

Brooks' 1968 movie -- and eventual Broadway musical -- tells the story of a Broadway producer who seeks to steal money from investors by purposely producing a flop. So he agrees to stage a musical called "Springtime for Hitler," which looks back fondly on Nazi Germany. And he casts a hippie to play the starring role. (The character's name is Lorenzo St. DuBois, but as he tells the casting directors, "my friends call me L.S.D.")
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