Could Titanfall eventually come to the PS4 also?


Titanfall was easily one of the hottest games at E3 this year. The upcoming multiplayer-focused first-person shooter by Respawn Entertainment takes traditional FPS elements, and tweaks the rules by throwing in giant exoskeletons, called "Titans," capable of immense power.

While everything about Titanfall was attractive, there was one downside -- at least for PlayStation owners. The game is only coming to Xbox platforms and PC... Or is it?

Speaking to GameTrailers, studio founder Vince Zampella had some choice words when asked if "PlayStation Nation is gonna have to wait for Titanfall."

"At launch we're going to be on Xbox One, 360, and PC," Zampella said, emphasizing the words "at launch." So when asked in a follow-up if he means Titanfall could come to other platforms eventually, Zampella wouldn't confirm nor deny it.

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