Report: Sony scrapped PS Eye to give PS4 the price advantage

PS4 Eye
PS4 Eye

It has been clear to us since E3 that the $100 price difference that the PS4 has with the Xbox One is influenced by the absence of the PS Eye bundled with the PS4 unlike the Xbox One which comes with mandatory bundled Kinect. Reports have emerged that Sony was originally planning to keep the PS Eye as a bundled accessory but changed their decision at the 11th hour to affect the price difference and give them an edge over Microsoft.

It is being reported by IGN that Sony has reversed the plans to include the PlayStation Eye with the PS4 in the months leading to E3 by "quietly informing" its retail partners. Seems a bit odd, though, as the PS Eye is being offered at $59.99.

Though quoted by anonymous sources, this report somewhat muddles the official announcement made by Shuhei Yoshida about the PS Eye. "As far as I'm concerned, personally, it's the early days of development in terms of [camera] tech," he said. "It's not ready or mature enough to be able to really be taken advantage of by all kinds of games and all kinds of [experiences] consumers would want to have. That's a decision we made." Yoshida acknowledged that such technology is constantly improving, but that "it takes tech time to break through to this level to provide the universal benefit."

Whatever the case may be, the bottom line is that, including the PS Eye, the PS4 is still significantly priced lower than the Xbox One. What do you think? Do let us know in the comments below.

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