Icon Pop Song cheats, tips, and answers

Icon Pop Song
Icon Pop Song

Icon Pop Song is a fantastic, quick-moving guessing game from the same people that brought you Icon Pop Mania, Icon Pop Brand, Icon Pop Quiz, and many others. Alegrium's newest breakout game forces you to think on your feet as an animated guitar strums you instrumental versions of Top 40 hits, mainly from this millennium, trying to guess either the song title or the artist name of the song being played (it'll tell you which you need to provide).

Although it's always fun, it's sometimes pretty difficult, so we've done all the work for you in case you get stuck! Keep scrolling down below to get your complete answer guide (and we'll continue to add more levels as we keep advancing ourselves!):

*Note: Although songs and artist names appear at different numbers for different people within each level, all songs and artist names will still appear in the same level for everyone (simply in a different order).

Level 1
Level 1

Level 1:

Song Titles
0. Apologize
4. Umbrella
7. Halo
8. Price Tag
10. We Are Young
11. Call Me Maybe

Artist Names
1. Adele
2. Katy Perry
3. Britney Spears
5. Maroon 5
6. Lady Gaga
9. Ne-Yo

Level 2
Level 2

Level 2:

Song Titles
12. Telephone
13. Hey Soul Sister
14. You're Beautiful
15. I Feel Good
17. Un-Break My Heart
18. Tik Tok
19. Starship
23. Poker Face
24. Girl On Fire
26. Mamma Mia
30. A Thousand Years
31. Nothin' On U
33. Dancing Queen
34. The Lazy Song

Artist Names
16. Eminem
20. Celine Dion
21. One Direction
22. Justin Bieber
25. Alicia Keys
27. Queen
28. Jason Mraz
29. Michael Jackson
32. Nicki Minaj
35. Black Eyed Peas

Level 3
Level 3

Level 3:

Song Titles
36. Gangnam Style
37. Paradise
38. Grenade
40. Suit & Tie
41. Skyfall
42. Black or White
43. Try
44. Beat It
45. Thrift Shop
48. Bad Day
53. Pumped Up Kicks
59. Billionaire

Artist Names
39. R. Kelly
46. Gotye
47. Coldplay
49. Britney Spears
50. Jennifer Lopez
51. Kelly Clarkson
52. Taylor Swift
54. Flo Rida
56. The Beatles
57. John Lennon
58. Beyonce