4 IT Skills That Will Make You A Hot Prospect


By Scott Skinger, CEO and founder of TrainSignal

There are around 4.16 million information technology professionals working in the U.S. today, and that number is expected to rise by 22 percent through the year 2020. Even now, IT expertise is becoming an integral part of business strategy and decision making across all industries. Both in the U.S. and overseas, business is trending toward technology-heavy operations, which is driving people to re-train and re-brand themselves to become more valuable assets in a quickly evolving economy.

From network administrators to virtual system managers, positions are ample across the board, staking a hold in industries such as health care, education, defense and beyond. Yet, several specialized skills are particularly bountiful for those who master the art. These four overarching areas of technology are seeing massive demand from hiring managers, pushing IT professionals to skill-up and advance their competitive edge.