In The Future, Everyone Will Job Hunt Like This

After AOL Jobs published an article about a man who got a six-figure job at Enterasys, without a resume, some readers asked for a detailed account of how Bilal Jaffery landed the position of social media director. Below is an excerpt of a blog post that he wrote for Enterasys, which explains the step-by-step process.

I have been monitoring the rise of Enterasys in the social business arena for the past few years and have been superbly amazed by Vala Afshar [the company's chief marketing officer].

So when Vala Afshar posted a #socialCV tweet about a role in digital and social strategy, I just had to tweet him back. Why you ask? It is rare to find a C-level executive on social media, and it's even rarer to find a leader that is openly discussing ideas and things that truly matter to him or her. It allows others within the community ecosystem to understand what he or she is all about.