Sony VP: Most gamers don't want to buy games online

Guy Longworth
Guy Longworth

Digital games download has been growing in population steadily for quite a while now and most analysts expect that it will replace physical disc sales sooner or later. Nonetheless, Sony's senior vice president in charge of PlayStation brand marketing, Guy Longworth, believes that the "vast majority of [gamers]...don't want to buy online right now."

As far as Sony is concerned, there is no point in encouraging consumers one way or the other. In fact, the company is trying to "offer a relatively level playing field and let the gamers decide. We're not trying to advantage them, we believe in consumer choice."

Today, "the vast majority of the people want to go down to GameStop or Best Buy, they don't want to buy it online right now." And Longworth believes that "physical games will be around a lot longer than some people think."

All PlayStation 4 games will be released simultaneously through brick-and-mortar stores and online stores. This holds true to Xbox One games as well.

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