Mechanical issue delays launch of Nvidia Shield to July

Lance Liebl, GameZone
Nvidia Shield
Nvidia Shield

In the 11th hour, Nvidia decided to delay shipments of the Nvidia Shield to July, due to a mechanical issue that turned up.

The Nvidia Shield is a portable gaming device -- a really nice controller with a five-inch 720p display and Tegra 4 chip that not only utilizes Android games, but can also stream games from your PC to the Shield if you have a GTX 650 GPU or better in your PC. It's a really nice piece of tech.

It was supposed to go on sale this Thursday, but Nvidia is delaying shipping until sometime in July. In a statement on their Nvidia's Blog, Jason Paul wrote, "The issue relates to a third-party mechanical component, and we're working around the clock with the supplier to get it up to our expectations."

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