Best Advice Now for Homebuyers and Sellers

Barbara Corcoran appears on NBC News' 'Today' show
Barbara Corcoran appears on NBC News' 'Today' show

Top real estate experts share their smartest tips on selling a home quickly and winning a bidding war.

Sell Your Home Fast

Underprice it from the start. If you list your home for at least 10 percent less than it's worth, you'll often sell it for 10 percent more.

Buyers notice a house that's underpriced: They'll take it by storm and drive up the price with a bidding war.

People worry that setting the price low will deter bidders. That's not the case. If you don't get competitive bids, you didn't truly underprice the house to begin with.
-- Barbara Corcoran (pictured above), founder, real estate firm the Corcoran Group and panelist on ABC's "Shark Tank."

Win a Bidding War

Go as high as the maximum price you'd ever be willing to pay -- if someone outbids you, you'll feel confident you gave it your best shot.

Sometimes it's not just about the money. Give the seller some breathing room too. Buyers often signal their interest by offering to close quickly, but that move might backfire in this market: If the sellers haven't found a new place yet, they may be unable to accept your offer.

Instead, propose a seller's residential lease. You close on the house quickly, then rent it back for 60 or 90 days. That gives the sellers a chance to look for a home in a non-panicked way -- and gets you the house you want.

-- Mary Beth Harrison, founder and Realtor, Keller Williams Elite, Dallas.

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