Minecraft dominates PC with 11M in sales


I'm beginning to wonder whetherMinecraft sales will ever slow down.

The PC and Mac versions of Mojang's popular sandbox game have passed 11 million copies sold, an increase of 1 millionfrom April this year.

Other platforms have shown the same success. Minecraft: Pocket Edition - that's the mobile version - hit 10 million copies back in April as well. Plus, Xbox 360 players have logged over a billion hours in the game and contributed to over 6 million sales as of March. A retail (as opposed to the existing downloadable) release hit the Xbox 360 earlier this month and has become the current fastest-selling disc-based console game in the U.S.

The title is even releasing for the Xbox One, so I can only imagine how many sales that will bring in. Regardless of platform, though, Minecraft is pretty much a beast.

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