Meet The Fairy Godmother Of Unpaid Interns

Chandra Turner, benefactor to unpaid interns
Chandra Turner, benefactor to unpaid interns

Every year, Chandra Turner, a veteran of the magazine industry, gives out a handful of scholarships to unpaid interns hoping to enter her field. But after two recession-era semesters when she couldn't raise the dough, Turner decided to tap a new revenue stream: the people hiring unpaid interns.

Turner runs, a popular resource site for those aspiring to work in the media industry. Starting last year, publications that want to advertise unpaid internships on her jobs board have to pay $20 a pop -- $30 if they want a tweet out of it too.

"I'm basically taxing them," says Turner, who is currently the executive editor of Parents magazine, which pays interns. (Read the full list of who pays and who doesn't.) "If you want to use me for their unpaid labor, you have to pay me."

This summer, she was able to give a $1,200 grant to two students, one of whom is interning at Oprah magazine, and the other at Cosmopolitan -- both magazines owned by mega-media conglomerate Hearst Corporation, which famously refuses to pay any of its interns, leading a group of them to file suit last year.