6 reasons why PS4 is better than Xbox One

PS4 vs. Xbox One
PS4 vs. Xbox One

Sony has upped the ante in the war of the consoles by producing a next generation console which looks much more promising than its counterpart manufactured by Microsoft.

The PlayStation 4 has almost floored the Xbox One, be it game-wise or add-ons or facility-wise. Here is our pick of 6 reasons why the PS4 is better than the Xbox One.

1. No mandatory camera

PS4 vs. Xbox One
PS4 vs. Xbox One

To play games on the PS4, you do not necessarily require the PlayStation Eye. It is an accessory, the choice to use which depends on the gamer. However, on the other hand, the Xbox One requires the Kinect in order to play each and every game. Games don't start in the absence of a Kinect.

You do not rejoice the feeling that someone is watching you all the time, do you? That is why PS4 is way better.

2. Cost

While the PS4 is being priced at $399, the Xbox One has a price tag of $499. This substantial price difference will go a long way in attracting gamers who are getting the same specs at a much lower price in the PS4. This in turn will provide a huge boost to the sales of the PS4 at launch as gamers will definitely prefer the cheaper version.

Price matters. A $100 difference cannot by any means be ignored. The PS4 scores in this aspect.

3. PS4 global launch likely at release

The PS4 is most likely to have a global release at launch, as judged from the fact that Sony is targeting asimultaneous launch of the PS4 in India alongside other European countries. On the other hand, Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One will be releasing in only 21 countries at launch.

If PS4 global launch becomes a reality, Sony is all set to capture the global market, leaving the Xbox One far behind in terms of sales and popularity.

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