$1.2 Million in Cash Destined for Fed Goes Missing

bank vault
bank vault

A Swiss International Air Lines plane landed at New York's JFK airport last night with a delivery of cash for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The plane was supposed to be carrying a total of $93 million, but $1.2 million in 12 bundles of $100-bills were missing from the shipment.

The New York Post reports that it is not clear if the cash vanished before the plane left or if it disappeared after it arrived. The departure point was not disclosed.

The theft is being investigated by NY Port Authority police and the FBI, who are trying to establish first where and when the theft took place. According to the Post, an exterior cargo container that held the cash in smaller interior containers showed no signs of being compromised.

Investigators are looking at mechanics and ground and flight crews to try to determine if any of them managed to get to the inner container and make off with the loot.

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