Spider Scares Vancouver Metereologist On Live TV [VIDEO]


spider attacks weather girl
spider attacks weather girl

A TV weather girl inadvertently became a B-movie protagonist when a spider wandered across a camera lens, becoming The Arachnid, a 40-foot monster bent on destroying the Vancouver shoreline.

Kristi Gordon, a meteorologist for Global BC, was giving the noon weather report on Friday when the spider was projected onto her head. She freaked out.

"Oh my gosh, that was creepy!" Gordon squealed, frantically stroking the part of her head where the spider, through the magic of video, had appeared to touch. This wasn't the first time an insect has interrupted Gordon's live broadcast. The Global News has that video here, along with an affectionate selection of Gordon's other bloopers.

If anything, Gordon's damsel-in-distress response will be a boost for her broadcast career, making her all the more lovable a human. The same can't be said for the on-air nervousness of other presenters, like this guy.