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There's never a dull week on Wall Street. Let's go over some of the news that will shape the week to come.

The first trading day of the week kicks off with GenCorp posting quarterly results. The aerospace and defense contractor completed its acquisition of Pratt & Whitney's rocket engine manufacturer Rocketdyne after receiving clearance from the Federal Trade Commission earlier this month. Naturally, Rocketdyne's performance won't be baked into the financials.

Analysts see a small deficit on flat revenue growth.

Smith & Wesson takes aim at Wall Street's targets. Firearms makers may be controversial for some investors, but there's no denying that that their products are in hot demand these days. Consumers fearing that gun-ownership restrictions are about to tighten are loading up on weaponry, and that's translating into big growth for the gunmakers.

Wall Street sees revenue and earnings soaring 37% and 63%, respectively, at Smith & Wesson on Tuesday.

Monsanto harvests its latest financials on Wednesday. The chemicals giant is another controversial name reporting quarterly results. Activists have been protesting the genetically modified organisms that Monsanto has introduced into the farmlands, but bulls argue that Monsanto's modified seeds provide larger crop yields that help feed the world.

No matter where you stand on Monsanto, the results are also expected to be on both sides of the fence. The pros see revenue inching slightly higher, with earnings per share clocking in slightly lower.

Is the world ready for a new handheld gaming console? NVIDIA rolls out its first branded portable gaming device on Thursday. NVIDIA Shield pairs up a high-def screen with a physical controller, and it plays Android apps and streams PC games. It's a product that may take some getting used to, and NVIDIA surprised potential buyers by dropping the retail price from $349 to $299 just a couple of days ago.

You don't often see a price cut before a product hits the market.

BlackBerry closes out the trading week by phoning it in with fresh financials. This will be an important quarter for BlackBerry, covering the first wave of smartphones running the spruced-up BB10 mobile operating system.

Analysts are banking on a return to profitability after posting a deficit a year earlier. They also see healthy 23% growth. After months of speculation, we'll finally get some hard numbers on how many of the new smartphones BlackBerry's been selling, and that's going to move the shares higher or lower after the Friday morning report.

Beyond next week
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