Ten of the most entertaining glitches in gaming


Where modern gaming is concerned, it's starting to become less a question of if there's going to be bugs, and more where said bugs will be found. These bugs are a mixed bag: they can be irritating, aggravating, and inconvenient. In rare cases, they can completely ruin a play experience, leading to a no-win scenario. Sometimes, however; a title will wig out in such a way that one can't help but laugh.

Seeking out these glitches becomes a pastime in and of itself; their discussion and presentation becomes an art form. Today, we're looking at some of the most memorable, absurd, bizarre, and entertaining bugs in the history of games.

Stronghold 3: Wolves and Ladders

We'll start with something a little simpler: ladder-climbing wolves. See, Stronghold 3 wasn't exactly well-received at launch. The game shipped with a laundry list of bugs, one of which was the fact that wild animals were perfectly capable of climbing up guard towers to slaughter the men manning them. It serves today as a lesson in quality assurance: if you're going to develop a game, you'd best be damned sure you've tested it first.

Oblivion: Melons. Melons Everywhere

One of the most often-abused glitches in Oblivion (aside from paintbrush staircases) was the well-known item duplication bug. There were several ways to pull it off, but one of the most common (which has long since been patched out) involved the use of arrows. Using this simple exploit, you could cram an area with a flood of whatever items your heart desired. For some reason, most people defaulted to melons.

Halo's Helicopter Tanks

A rather long-standing glitch in the Halo games involves the Scorpion tank. See, it might be heavy armor, but it's always wanted to fly through the sky, free as a bird. It's possible to help it realize that dream: if you talk to it in just the right way and make it have angry sex with either a warthog or a wraith, it will begin flailing through the air, ricocheting off anything that gets in its way; its undercarriage spinning like the rotors of a helicopter.

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