PS4 pre-orders top Xbox One's

PS4 vs. Xbox One
PS4 vs. Xbox One

Gamestop has stopped pre-orders for the Xbox One not because they are in high demand, but that they have reached their maximum quota. They are still taking orders on their online site.

Polygon decided to do their own investigation and called stores all around the country to pre-order the next-gen console. The results were pretty interesting.

A store manager in California stated, "We were only given an allocation of 16 Xbox Ones but we have 60 PlayStation 4′s and we're still taking orders." While another store in Texas said, "There's no point trying any GameStop's. We've stopped that SKU until we get notice."

Turns out the number of pre-orders assigned are by the companies themselves; Microsoft provides the merchandise, therefore sets the number of consoles that should be available to each retailer.
In Ohio a store manager mentioned, "All stores have been told to stop until we get some more units from Microsoft."

Rumor has it that Microsoft is trying to make it seem like their console is more favored by limiting their inventory per store. There have also been unconfirmed reports of the Xbox One having manufacturing problems. Maybe the company is being careful by not overproducing what they won't be able to sell.

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