NBA Live 14 Executive Producer: 'No more screw ups, no more excuses'

NBA Live 14
NBA Live 14

In a lengthy open letter to basketball fans, NBA Live 14 Executive Producer Sean O'Brien was blunt about his position on bringing back EA Sports' storied basketball franchise. His message was quite clear: "No more screw ups and definitely no more excuses."

That seemed to be the driving point of his post in which he talked about his background in game development, while touching on the overall vision he has of NBA Live.

"I want NBA LIVE to be an authentic NBA simulation rooted in the sport and lifestyle of basketball," O'Brien explained. "My first priority was to focus on core gameplay. We needed to capture the essence of half-court basketball, providing 1-on-1 isolation both in the perimeter and the post, the 2-on-2 chess match that is the pick and roll, while still offering the gamer the opportunity to push the basketball in transition and have the control required to get the ball into the lane to either take the ball to the rim or find an open teammate if the defense collapses."

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