Candy Crush Saga Walkthrough

Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga

Our Candy Crush Saga Walkthough will guide you through this addicting Match 3 game that boasts bright and colorful board pieces and extremely challenging gameplay that will excite hardcore match players. Use our insider tips on special candy combinations as well as our practical advice to hone your candy crushing skills.

General Tips for Play Candy Crush Saga

Watch your turn count
It's easy to get caught up smashing jellies and matching candies, but if you don't keep an eye on your turn, you'll find yourself out of luck at the end of the level.

Try to match 4 or more
If you want to hit a three-star rating, you'll have to avoid the classic match 3 approach. Try to focus on arranging pieces to give you a 4 or more match so you can rack up big points. This is especially important in the later levels.

Focus on the goal
If you're on a Jelly level, remember that you need to remove all the Jelly in pieces in order to complete the level. It's easy to get caught up in a matching frenzy and forget about what you're trying to accomplish. Just remember, you have to obtain a certain point level as well as remove the Jellies.

Jelly blocks don't move
These blocks are stationary and you'll have to move the pieces of candy in order to destroy them.

Game hints aren't always the best move
It may be hard to resist, but when you wait to use your special candies and swap them with each other, the result is a far better effect than if you were to just use it on its own.

Gaining lives
You start with five lives. Every time you have to repeat a level, you will lose a life. In order to gain more lives you can do a few things. First, you can ask your Facebook friends to give you lives. Second, you can buy a life. And, finally, you can wait 30 minutes to regenerate a life. Some people have suggested setting time ahead on your phone or iPad, but we would suggest you don't do this as it can mess your game up.

Level Types

Jelly Levels

Jelly Levels
Jelly Levels

When you encounter a Jelly Level in Candy Crush Saga, you'll need to remove all the jelly blocks before you can complete the board. You'll need to make a match over the Jelly's square. Some Jellies need one match to destroy them while others require two. It can be kind of difficult to tell the two types apart, especially if you have poor eyesight. The blocks that need two matches are whiter and more solid looking. The transparent jelly blocks only need one match.

Keep yourself focused on these boards and remember the goal of the board is to remove all of the jelly blocks while still racking up enough points to complete the level. Watch out for Jelly blocks that are on the top of the board and squirreled away on the side corners as these can be challenging to remove.

Timed Levels

Timed Levels
Timed Levels

Timed Levels are just what they sound like...levels that need to be completed within a certain time period. Focus on making high impact matches of 4 or more and use your special candies to ensure you quickly rack up your score before time runs out. You'll also see special candies with a +5 on them. When you make a match with them, you'll add 5 seconds to the clock.

Ingredient Levels

Ingredient Levels
Ingredient Levels

Ingredient Levels will feature special ingredients that you will need to move to the bottom of the board by making matches and letting the ingredients quickly fall. Remember to focus on the ingredients in these boards! not all the ingredients will be on the board when you start. You'll need to keep making matches to bring them down into the playing field.


Each booster will help you in a different way and is available for use in top left hand corner of your screen.

Lollipop Hammer - You'll receive this booster once you complete Level 6. The Lollipop Hammer will smash any area on the board. It's a good idea to use this booster if you're having trouble getting rid of a final Jelly on the Jelly boards.

Extra Moves - You'll receive this booster once you complete Level 7. The Extra Moves Booster will give you extra moves on a board to help you finish it if you're running out.

Jelly Fish - You'll receive this booster once you complete Level 8. Jelly Fish will turn into 3 fish when matched with a color, it will then destroy all blocks of the same color.

Color Bomb - You'll receive this booster once you complete Level 12. When you use a Color Bomb and match it with a color, it will destroy all blocks of the same color.

Coconut Wheel - You'll receive this booster once you complete Level 14. Coconut Wheels are extremely useful during timed levels as they add 15 seconds onto the clock.

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