The Best and Worst Car Deals This Weekend

Subaru Outback
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Here are some of this weekend's best car shopping tips from the experts at AOL Autos.

Best and worst deals of summer. Summer is traditionally a good time to negotiate the price of a new car because dealers are trying to clear out the current model year cars and trucks for the new models. But as AOL Autos' Best Deals and Worst Deals show, you have to be realistic and do some homework.

For example, mid-sized family sedans are usually easy to bargain down from the MSRP. But the Ford Fusion sedan, which was AOL Autos Car of the Year in 2012, is so hot now that Ford is short supplied; expect to pay near sticker if you want one. Same goes for the Subaru Outback. The brand is hot, and the all-wheel-drive wagon/crossover is popular.

In part because the Fusion is so in-demand, some of the best deals on the market are the Honda Accord, Nissan Altima and Volkswagen Passat. See all of AOL Autos' Best and Worst New Car Deals.

Affordable luxury. Shopping for a luxury vehicle? Just because you have some extra cash to lay out for a new ride doesn't mean you shouldn't be looking for good value. Check out the most affordable luxury cars on sale now.

How about a smart car? And how does one even define what makes a car smart? You'll find some of the answers in our gallery of AOL Autos editors' picks for the Top 25 Smartest Cars of All Time. according to the editors at AOL Autos.


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