The Death Of Unpaid Internships: What It Really Means For Workers

young man carrying tray of coffee cups
young man carrying tray of coffee cups

In the first ruling of its kind, a judge decided last week that two unpaid interns at Fox Searchlight were legally employees, and should have been paid. What does this mean for the future of the unpaid internship? Will it go the way of child labor, and become a relic of a less enlightened time? And if it does, will there be fewer internships altogether, depriving countless young people of all the goodness they provide?

These are the questions chewed on in the June 21 edition of "Lunchtime Live," AOL Jobs' live weekly video series. The two guests were Sally Abrahamson, one of the attorneys who represented the two unpaid Fox interns in their lawsuit, and AOL Jobs contributor Lauren Berger, a veteran of 15 unpaid internships, who now runs the internship resource site Intern Queen.