Banned Xbox Live gamers won't lose access to Xbox One offline play

Xbox Live
Xbox Live

Microsoft has already confirmed that Xbox One owners won't be able to play their single player games unless the console is allowed to phone home daily, but what if your Xbox Live account got banned? Would you lose access to all your games?

"Absolutely not – you will always have access to the games you've purchased," said Larry Hryb, Microsoft's director of Xbox Live programming. "Absolutely not."

But, what happens when Xbox One reaches the end of its lifetime and Microsoft turns off its servers? Larry was not as conclusive in his answer as he asked fans to trust Microsoft not to do so.

"I'll just say this: We haven't even started this generation, so it's kind of early to talk about the end of the generation," he said. "That's certainly not something we would do – that's not the way the system is designed. It's designed for flexibility. But let's get the system out there first."

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