'Undercover Boss': Top Moments From Season 4 [VIDEO]

Undercover Boss Top Moments
Undercover Boss Top Moments

One reason why the CBS reality show "Undercover Boss" has remained popular through four seasons is that it offers a peek into what ordinary American workers really do all day -- while the boss watches on, often flabbergasted. Whether the show is contrived, as some TV critics complain, or the unvarnished truth, as CBS contends, there's no question that the show has had some entertaining, even shocking moments this season.

Workers let it rip, swearing with abandon, almost as if cursing was part of their job description. Some showed extraordinary comfort in using their sex appeal to make a sale. At the same time, the CEOs' trip from corner office to front lines sometimes forced them to face their own personal demons -- as well as the reality of paying workers' low salaries. At least one exec realized that an employee, despite putting in full-time hours, was living in a homeless shelter. So what were the top moments in Season 4? Here are our picks: