Wise Ways to Save on Smart TVs -- Savings Experiment

There are many kinds of TVs on the market, but are their bells and whistles worth the price? Here are some things to consider before you splurge on a smart TV.

In addition to their regular TV functions, smart TVs can run apps, stream media and connect to the internet. However, they can cost you up to $300 more than a standard model. So, do you really need a smart TV? The answer is no.

While the high-tech features are nice, they'll likely be obsolete in about two years. Instead, invest in a Roku, Google TV or Apple TV. They retail for $70-$100, and cost much less than buying an entire smart TV unit.

These streaming players allow you to watch movies, videos and more, offering just as many options as smart TVs, but for much less. Simply pair your current TV or a new standard model with a player and you'll be good to go. Then when it's time to upgrade, it won't be as costly.

If you're looking for a new TV, you can get plenty of bang for your buck with a streaming player. In this case, "smart" doesn't lead to savings.