Next-Gen MMO games and the issue of communication


It's no longer a case of wishing or predicting, the MMO genre has already influenced the next-generation of consoles but is the industry ready? Every MMO has its problems. Whether that be terrible launch day woes or constant problems surrounding balance issues and lack of content, you'll struggle to find an MMO that doesn't have a painfully obvious selection of issues. However bringing a genre that has mainly been created for PC to the console market could bring with it a variety of additional issues. One of the core concerns I have is the issue of communication. Every MMO game requires a certain level of communication in order to fully enjoy the content. Whether you're selling a newly acquired item or you're searching for an experienced group to down that last raid boss, you will really struggle if you're not able to communicate.

It's already an issue with current generation consoles and players painstakingly type messages to friends and opponents with an on-screen keyboard. You'll be amazed at how many players will spend 5 minutes with an on-screen keyboard purely to declare their intentions regarding sexual activity and your mother. Despite the obvious dedication of those players, attempting to type at any real pace is almost impossible. "Help, I need healing", "I need to bank", these are common terms in anMMO game and vital to certain levels of success.

Neither console has confirmed any sort of launch peripherals to aid with this issue. I highly doubt the Playstation 4 and Xbox One will ship with a free keyboard or decent quality headset and mic, leaving the average player with very little ability to communicate.

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