Male Judge Sets Dress Code For Female Lawyers And Sparks Uproar

female lawyers dress code
female lawyers dress code

Employees are dressing more casually for work these days, and it can be uncomfortable for supervisors to publicly criticize it -- particularly when those workers are women, and the supervisor is a man. That's been the case for one Tennessee judge, who sparked a controversy by writing a memo urging female attorneys to keep their clothing court-appropriate.

Dress standards have been slipping in the courtrooms of Murfreesboro, Tenn. for quite some time, according to locals. One legal assistant (who asked to remain anonymous) said he's seen a woman in flip flops. A couple attorneys mentioned the same rumor about a woman in sweatpants, although no one had seen it with their own eyes. The subject finally erupted at a recent Bench/Bar Committee meeting, prompting Circuit Judge Royce Taylor to pen a notice about it. He wrote: