Not Another Tie! Here's What Dads Really Want for Father's Day


It's not that we don't appreciate the thought that you put into picking out all those ties. Or that we don't look forward to burned toast and lukewarm coffee in bed this Sunday. It's just that when it comes to Father's Day, what we'd really like is a gift that will remind us of you as often as possible. What better way to stay in Dad's thoughts than by buying him a few shares of his favorite stocks?

Here Motley Fool analysts (and fathers) reveal give readers a peek at their wish list of stocks -- companies that speak to their hobbies, dreams, and wishes for long-term returns.

Comics for the kid at heart
Other than a nice nap, a cool beverage, and a few slices of REAL New York Pizza, I'd like shares of Time Warner for Father's Day, kids. You already know why: I'm a longtime comic-book collector, with about 600 comics published by Warner subsidiary DC Entertainment.

The few expensive issues I own -- including a high-grade copy of Alan Moore's "The Killing Joke," which helped inform the 2008 multiplex mega-hit The Dark Knight -- can't match Time Warner's impressive earning power. Expect it to grow with this week's release of Man of Steel, starring Henry Cavill as Superman.

There's also TV and publishing to consider. For example, Warner Bros. produces and distributes the CBS hit The Big Bang Theory. Investors will get a clearer understanding of how these sorts of winning properties affect earnings later this year, when Warner spins off the Time magazine group into a separate entity.

Meanwhile, at a market cap of $53 billion, Time Warner comes in at less than 50% of Walt Disney's price tag. The gap won't be that big forever, especially after this weekend, when audiences are treated to an up-close view of Superman's full power. -- Tim Beyers

Power tools for the handy pop
As much as I'd love to fill my closet with another dated paisley print tie off the discount rack, what I'd really like are some new tools in the shed and shares of Stanley Black & Decker in my portfolio.

Stanley Black & Decker is the world's largest power-tool and hand-tool manufacturer. As an acquisition machine, SWK has gobbled up big-time tool brands such as DeWalt, Mac Tools, Bostich, Stanley, and, of course, Black & Decker.

All this buying has pushed its global market share north of 22%, and it's rising fast.

The good news is that it doesn;t have to rely on DIY dads for sales: 30% to 40% of its traditional tool business is tied to new and existing U.S. home construction, a sector whose boom still has years to go before catching up with new household creations.

And where there's a recovering economy, you can expect commercial construction to follow. That's great news for SWK's $2.4 billion security division, whose commercial hardware and automatic doors are common features in new builds.

While Stanley Black & Decker may not rely on us dads to keep their business booming, we'll do our part -- a job that's made easier if you pick up a few shares today and use the 2.5% dividend to go buy a new drill. -- Austin Smith

Daredevil dad seeks thrills for the whole family
I've been chasing roller coasters across the country since my kids were tall enough to ride. We've hit more than three dozen amusement parks and ridden more than 160 different coasters along the way. I'll always have an affinity for my hometown Florida theme parks, but I tell everyone I know to check out Holiday World in Indiana at least once.

However, when it's sheer coaster thrills that we seek, we inevitably make our way to Cedar Fair's flagship Cedar Point park in Ohio.

I won't make it out there this year, but I should be at its Knott's Berry Farm park in California later this month. Along the way, it would be nice to profit from what should be another record season across Cedar Fair by owning a piece of the company. Cedar Fair's other properties include Valleyfair in Minnesota and Dorney Park in Pennsylvania, but one of its biggest thrills is the juicy dividend. Cedar Fair's a limited partnership that returns most of its earnings to investors in the form of chunky distributions that currently add up to a 6.2% yield. Big thrills. Big payouts. You know that I'm tall enough to ride. -- Rick Munarriz

For the jet-setter dad
I've always wanted to fly small planes, having taken flying lessons for a few weeks during my last semester of school. Through the years, I've found that I'm not the only one who shares that dream, and that's why Textron , the company that makes the two-seater Cessna 152 I used for that brief period of training almost 20 years ago, appeals to me.

Sure, Textron has plenty of higher-profile businesses, doing military-related work for the Defense Department and producing high-end business jets and helicopters for private and commercial use. As you'd expect, those businesses have been a mixed bag lately, with defense-budget cuts weighing on the military side of the business and global economic concerns keeping overall growth somewhat in check.

But it's those baby single-engine turboprop planes that perk up my interest, and just like plenty of mid-life-crisis-suffering dads before me have hopped on a Harley to realize their long-deferred dreams, the private-pilot aspirations that thousands of dads like me have should help Textron's bottom line soar into the air in the long run. -- Dan Caplinger

Where to shop for a man's man
I'm an outdoorsman who enjoys nothing more than a day spent hunting or fishing, so the company I'm most interested in for this Father's Day is firearm manufacturer Sturm, Ruger . Its competitor Smith & Wesson just announced a 38% increase in sales, so it's clear that private gun ownership is continuing to rise -- despite threats from the Obama administration to curtail gun ownership.

Spikes in NRA membership and an ongoing ammo shortage are more signs that gun-buying behavior is now being influenced by a hoarding mentality, which is a boon to publicly traded gun companies. And this is a mentality that I expect will continue at least through the end of President Obama's time in office, but probably much further beyond that. So even though Ruger's stock is up more than 500% since 2008, it's still a long-term winner in my mind. -- Adam Wiederman

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