Star Thief review

Star Thief
Star Thief

Star-swiping your way to success.

Melvin the moon's buddy Sammy has disappeared! Sammy just so happens to be a star, which is where the game Star Thief gets its name! Combining a little piece of Fruit Ninja with a sidescrolling platform game, Star Thief keeps things simple while providing a lot of excitement. It's one of those games you just won't be able to put down.

Each level presents a short scrolling scene filled with stars, platforms, breakable blocks, tossable stones and other objects. It looks like your standard platform game, but instead of running and jumping, you're star swiping! Stars are arranged in all sorts of places in each level. Your goal is to collect as many as you can before reaching the end. Think that sounds easy? You've got a thing or two to learn about saving stars.

Most of the time stars are simply sitting on the screen waiting for you to tap/swipe them. But then there are stars locked in cages, ordered stars, split level stars, stars that phase in and out, and so on. Each one requires a little extra work in order to collect them. For locked stars you'll have to find a way to break open the cage, usually by tossing a rock or removing a supporting block. Ordered stars must be tapped according to the numbers on their faces. Split stars are groups of stars that force you to break out a second finger to trace simultaneous paths across the screen. That's right, you'll need some dexterity! There are plenty more tricks designed to trip you up, but half the fun of Star Thief is discovering new obstacles and finding ways to overcome them within a fraction of a second.

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