Quadropus Rampage review

Quadropus Rampage
Quadropus Rampage

Quadropus Rampage is an outstanding and ridiculous follow-up to Towelfight 2.

From the minds that brought you Towelfight 2: The Monocle of Destiny comes Quadropus Rampage, an "endless rogue-like brawler" starring an octopus with four arms and his pet starfish Bingo, as the duo undertake an epic and awesome quest to strike down Pete, the wicked God of the Sea.
To describe Quadropus Rampage as a bit odd would be like referring to Jupiter as pretty big: accurate, but not really adequate. Developed by the weirdos at Butterscotch Shenanigans, Quadropus Rampage is a sort-of sequel to Towelfight 2 in which Hardik – the hero of that game, and now rechristened Lord Hardik, master of all the cosmos – has chosen you, Tack the four-armed octopus, to venture deep under the sea and defeat the mad god Pete, who is raising an army against your master.

But aside from a vague sense of continuity and a cameo appearance or two, Quadropus Rampage is entirely its own game. It's not a twin-stick shooter, for one thing, but more of a real-time rogue-like with fast-paced combat. The freedom to wander that made Towelfight 2 feel so expansive has been replaced with small, tightly-constricted levels that compel you to dive ever-deeper into more dangerous challenges.

Each level is an isometric field that can range in size from small to very small, and may be completely solid or pitted with any number of gaps and holes. They're also dangerously lacking in guardrails, and any slight misstep means an untimely and damaging tumble to the next level. Tack's movements are controlled by way of a virtual thumb-pad that's actually quite smooth and accurate, and he can also dodge enemy attacks and even sail over openings in the sea floor with his cephalopod jet, leaving a cloud of ink behind him.

Offensively, Tack uses a bizarre variety of clubs to poke or swing at his enemies, which range from conventional weapons like swords and tridents, to more unconventional ones like tennis rackets, electric guitars, tree branches, gigantic scissors and even a familiar-looking blue bird that appears to be tied to the end of a stick. Each of the many weapons you'll run across as you progress deeper under the waves does a unique amount of damage, and also provides bonuses to health, toughness, running speed and other attributes. Tack can also unleash a "slam attack" that does area of effect damage, and raise a "bubble shield" that very briefly renders him invulnerable.

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