How To Land The Most Coveted, Competitive Sales Job

By National Association of Sales Professionals

Sales has always been and always will be a competitive field. Whether it's competition for the best leads, the best market or the best product to sell, people in sales jobs will always be fighting to get ahead. So when it comes to vying for the best sales jobs, the competition is as fierce as it is strong.

Some strategists believe that the best approach to getting competitive sales jobs is to up your ante and become even more competitive. Others may suggest using people you know to get ahead and exploiting every opportunity that comes your way. While these strategies might gain you a competitive advantage in some instances, mastering your mindset may give you an even greater competitive advantage.

How is this possible? The mindset is the foundation of everything, and in sales jobs, having your head in the game and thinking in the right way is crucial to achieving success. So what are some ways to orient your mindset in the right direction?

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Ask and you shall receive. Philanthropist and producer Lucia Kaiser is known to have said, "Don't be afraid to ask for anything. The worst that can happen is they'll say no. And if they do [say no], you're no worse off than you were before." This attitude of being fearless is crucial in sales. Whether it's asking for the opportunity to sell or asking to close the sale, asking for what you want gets you closer to where you want to be and gives you more opportunities to succeed than if you hadn't asked.

Focus on what you want (as opposed to what you don't). When you ask a person what they want, they'll often tell you what they don't want. And that's no way to go after your goals. After all, according to Rod Hairston, CEO and Chairman of The National Association of Sales Professionals, "What you focus on, you find." And it's true: What you focus on becomes where you end up heading. If you focus on what you don't want, that's likely what you'll get. In sales jobs, focusing on the positive possibilities and the everyday joys of life will put you in a much more positive, attractive mindset, which is sure to attract success.

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Get better, expect better. Elmer Letterman once said, "The average human being in any line of work could double his productive capacity overnight if he began right now to do all the things he knows he should do, and to stop doing all the things he knows he should not do." Considering that we all have a lot more potential than we are currently using, imagine how much more potential could be maximized by furthering our education, improving our sales skills and pushing ourselves to improve each and every day. Ongoing self-improvement can only bring about greater, more positive results in our sales careers and in our lives.

Certainly, mindset is a key component to success. Sales jobs are more competitive than ever, but with the right mindset, a willingness to ask for what you want, a focus on what you want and the effort to constantly improve, there's nothing you can't achieve.

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