The New Dad: A Stressed-Out Mess?

working dads
working dads

There's a lot of handwringing over the plight of working mothers. But in many respects, mom's lot has improved over the past few decades: She has a better job, spends more time with her kids and isn't much more conflicted than she was 35 years ago. The person who's really stressed out? It's dad.

Studies now indicate fathers are more likely to feel conflict between their work and family lives than (their working) wives are. Is that true in your family? Why, and what can be done? In honor of Father's Day, we discussed these questions during Friday's "Lunchtime Live," AOL Jobs' live video series. Bruce Feiler, New York Times columnist and author of "The Council of Dads" and "The Secrets of Happy Families" gave us tips from his research and experience on how fathers can create a happier balance.

"Turns out, the highest stress time is between six and eight, that most fights occur in moments of transition, when everybody is hungry and when noone has fully shucked the daytime stresses," Feiler explains. "So 7:42 is the WORST time you can have a fight."

Watch the highlights reel below, and the full interview here.