SpaceX Successfully Tests Prototype "Reusable Space Rocket"


SpaceX is confirming that it conducted a 112-second test firing of the first stage of its F9-R ("R" for "reusable") prototype reusable rocket launcher on Saturday. The test was conducted at SpaceX's development facility in McGregor, Texas. Click here if you want to see a YouTube video of the event.

SpaceX is working toward developing the first-ever reusable rocket launcher, a development that if accomplished, could dramatically reduce the cost of launching payloads into space.

SpaceX says its F9-R generates "just over" 1 million pounds of thrust at sea level, and that this power increases as the rocket rises through the atmosphere, cresting at 1.5 million pounds of thrust once the rocket reaches space.

In an email, a SpaceX spokesperson declined to provide further details on the testing, or on the project in general, until further progress has been made.


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