Is Your Boss Trying To Force You Out? 8 Signs

unhappy woman leaning against mirrored wall of office building
unhappy woman leaning against mirrored wall of office building

By Debra Auerbach

In a perfect world, you and your boss would have similar personalities, agree on everything and get along 100 percent of the time. In the real world, you're not always going to click with your manager. While not being BFFs with your boss doesn't always cause problems, there are some warning signs that your rocky relationship may be putting your job in jeopardy.

According to a new CareerBuilder survey of more than 2,000 employers, 27 percent of bosses have a current direct report that they would like to see leave their company. These bosses deal with disfavored employees in different ways. While many issue a formal warning (42 percent), most send subtle signals, if any at all.

Here are eight indirect ways managers say that they handle employees that they wish would leave:

  1. Point out shortcomings in employee's performance more often: 27 percent.

  2. Reduce responsibilities: 21 percent.

  3. Hire someone else to eventually replace the employee: 12 percent.

  4. Move the employee to another work area: 8 percent.

  5. Keep employee out of the loop regarding new company developments: 8 percent.

  6. Communicate primarily via email instead of in person or over the phone: 7 percent.

  7. Don't invite the employee to certain meetings or involve him in certain projects: 6 percent.

  8. Don't invite the employee to social gatherings with co-workers: 3 percent.