Mad Catz announces Android-based gaming console MOJO


Mad Catz, the popular manufacturer of third-party gaming accessories like headsets and controllers, has announced this week that they are developing their very own Android-based gaming console called MOJO. Billed as a direct competitor to other Android-based gaming consoles like Ouya and Gamestick, MOJO looks to offer a more console-oriented focus on mobile games with a slew of higher-end features.

In case hardware specs happen to be your thing, the upcoming MOJO console will be powered by Nvidia Tegra 4, and contain 16GB of internal storage space, imbedded WiFi capabilities, and Bluetooth Smart 4.0. The console itself will also feature two USB ports, HDMI output, and a micro SD slot, just in case those 16GBs of storage weren't enough to hold your entire collection of Android games.

Read more about MOJO at Gamezebo >

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