E3 2013 Preview: Defiance already showing off that Castithan DLC

How's that Defiance going? Damn those bugs are annoying. I have good news Earth saviors, the Castithan DLC pack is coming as part of the season pass. Although a price and release date have yet to be solidified, I got to see some of the key features today at the Trion booth at E3:2013. First of all, the white skinned Castithan race will be playable.


A new vehicle, the Raptor will be available. This bad boy seats 4 and is combat ready. I see that you are a weapons and not a vehicle person, that works. Charge weapons are being introduced. Like the name suggests, you charge these weapons for a greater effect, release, and boom. So far these weapons come in four flavors: pistol, shotgun, sniper rifle, and sword. Did I say sword? Yup. The charge sword uses no ammo and is a short range slice n' dice sort of deal; packed with a sweet area of effect ground pound for all you hardcore melee types. There are also 8 sword colors you discover for more customization.

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