E3 2013 Preview: How Ignite Engine makes you 'feel the fight' in EA Sports UFC

For those of you who haven't ever taken a blow to the head, or been choked unconscious, you soon will. This is all thanks to EA Sports Ignite technology which was on full display at E3 2013. Throughout EA's press conference, four titles had been the focus -- Madden, FIFA, NBA Live, and UFC. All four were shown off with Ignite technology on the show floor of E3 -- in one way or another.

For EA Sports UFC, we were shown only a very brief tech demo in which we could press the buttons to see the facial expression of a fighter change. It was a display of EA's next generation of True Player Motion, designed to showcase the "diverse, powerful, and fluid of attacks" that will be made possible only with Ignite technology. After fiddling around with the expressions and admiring the lifelike facial features like each individual strand of facial hair, wrinkles, and skin blemishes, I was told (during a presentation) just how EA Sports UFC plans to have you "feel the fight."

UFC 2013

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