ANA Reports Trouble with 787 Dreamliner Rolls Royce Engine

787 With Mt Rainier in DistanceK65116
787 With Mt Rainier in DistanceK65116

The reputation of the Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) 787 Dreamliner has been battered a number of times over its decade-long development and the manufacturing processes that delayed the launch of the plane by several years. The troubles where compounded by battery fires that forced the plane out of service for more than two months as Boeing and federal authorities sought solutions. The latest bad publicity about the plane is not Boeing's fault, but that of a supplier of 787 engines - Rolls Royce

Unfortunately, the engine problem hit one of the airlines that had its service badly undermined by 787 battery problems. Japan's ANA was one of the first airlines to complain about battery problems, and, thus, one of the first to cause Boeing's need to reevaluate part of the 787′s electrical systems.

Reuters said of the Dreamliner engine problem:

Britain's Rolls-Royce said it was working with Japan's All Nippon Airways after the airline was forced to scrap a Dreamliner flight following an engine problem.

The ANA flight from Ube in west Japan to Tokyo was canceled after the right engine of the Boeing 787 failed to start. ANA's Dreamliners are powered by Rolls' Trent 1000 engines.

"We are aware of this issue and are working closely with ANA to understand it and support them," a Rolls-Royce spokesman said.

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