13 Things That Seem Like Scams But Are Actually Great

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By Walter Hickey

People are always on the lookout for scams. You kind of have to be, these days.

While a website may assure you you're that millionth visitor, you probably don't want to risk it for an iPod. Believe it or not, "male performance enhancements" are probably just playing into people's own self-doubts. And most infomercial products won't revolutionize your life.

The issue with this, of course, is that sometimes awesome products that actually work get written off because people's spam filters just think of them as a scam. These days, how exactly do you sell something that really is "too good to be true?"

Luckily, Reddit recently had a thread where people mentioned things that seem like scams but are actually legitimate.

Here are the 13 most interesting of them:

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