The Obesity-Drug Wars Officially Begin

It's a day that Arena Pharmaceuticals investors have long, long waited for: Obesity drug Belviq is now on the market.

The company had a seemingly endless wait for DEA scheduling, ultimately receiving class 4 status. In the meantime, competitor VIVUS got its obesity drug Qsymia approved and into patients' hands.

In this video, health-care analyst David Williamson checks in on the obesity-drug wars, where things stand between Arena and VIVUS, and what Arena investors should look out for given some of Qsymia's initial challenges.

Who will win the obesity drug market?
Can VIVUS pick up its lagging sales and fend off the competition, or will Arena Pharmaceuticals reign supreme in the obesity space? If you're in the dark, grab copies of The Motley Fool's premium research reports on VIVUS and Arena Pharmaceuticals to stay up to date. Senior biotech analyst Brian Orelli gives investors the must-know information, including an in-depth look at the obesity market and reasons to buy and sell both stocks. Click now for an exclusive look at Arena and VIVUS -- complete with a full year of free updates -- today.

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