Subway Pitchman Jared Fogle Rolling Deep in the Dough

Jared Fogle

By Michael Thrasher

Jared Fogle lost more than 200 pounds eating Subway sandwiches 15 years ago. Sharing his story paid off. Today, the spokesman has an estimated net worth of $15 million, according to New York's Daily News.

Fogle weighed in at 425 pounds when he bit into his first Subway sandwich as a student at Indiana University.

He said that his weight and appearance fueled habits that contributed to his obesity and that he shied away from dates and parties that other college students enjoyed.

The business major envisioned himself working at an ad agency or public relations firm but never realized his personal weight-loss journey would double as his career. Since he started losing weight, Subway has been his only employer.

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Now Fogle carries a "black card" that allows him to eat at Subway free-of-charge and he flies first class when traveling. Those perks and the money for the 300-plus commercials Fogle has appeared in are money well-spent for Subway, an executive told the Daily News.

Tony Pace, Subway's chief marketing officer, said Fogle is "woven into the fabric of the brand."

Since his first commercial aired, Subway's sales have risen 20 percent.

Prior to actively working to lose weight, Fogle said he frequented a Chinese buffet with the goal of leaving "completely full" and would consume heaping plates of food.

He drank 15 to 20 cans of soda each day and a typical snack was two candy bars.

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