Dunkin' Donuts Customer Records Her Racist Rant [VIDEO] UPDATE


Dunkin' Donuts customer Taylor Chapman
Dunkin' Donuts customer Taylor Chapman

In recent years, customers have recorded abusive employees, employees have recorded abusive customers, and abusive employees have recorded themselves. But has an abusive customer ever recorded him or herself on video, then giddily posted it to Facebook in an episode of baffling self-delusion?

A young Florida woman apparently failed to get her receipt at a Dunkin' Donuts on Friday evening, entitling her, by some mysterious Dunkin' statute, to a free order. According to the customer's video, her server had said that she needed to return the following day to claim the free order, a request which -- in the customer's mind -- seems to be equivalent to murdering her firstborn. (She claims to have positively reviewed this Dunkin' Donuts online at least 100 times so, clearly, she has emotions toward it that border on the unhealthy.)

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