3 FTSE Shares Crashing to New Lows


LONDON -- The FTSE 100 has lost 586 points, or 8.5%, since it set a 13-year high of 6,876 on May 22 to reach 6,290 by 10:10 a.m. EDT today. But at least it's nowhere near its 52-week low of 5,415 points.

But even with the FTSE up nicely over the year and a good number of companies doing well, there are still some shares hitting new lows. Here are three from the FTSE indexes that are on a big downer right now.

I could have picked any number of mining and commodities companies today, as the whole sector is on a slide, but EVRAZ will suffice as an illustration. The miner and steel-producer has seen its shares fall from about 330 pence in January to a 52-week low today of 117.5 pence.

Full-year results for 2012, released on April 11, revealed a $0.23 per-share loss after revenue fell 10%, but a first-quarter update a week later told us of an 11% recovery in volumes of crude steel and steel products.

This year is still forecast to bring in a small loss, but there's a recovery expected for 2014, and analysts are still expecting dividends to be paid -- with yields of 2.7% and 3% this year and next, respectively.

G4S shares have had a very erratic year, with the price dropping to a 12-month low of 234 pence today. The shares are on a forward P/E of less than 12 for this year, with a dividend yield of nearly 4% expected.

But after a couple of tough years, who would buy G4S shares at today's price? Well, Bill Gates would: The Microsoft co-founder has taken his stake up to 45 million shares after buying another 6.5 million. He now has a 3.2% interest in the firm.

But before you decide to jump in after Mr. Gates, do remember that he -- well, his charitable foundation, actually -- invested a chunk in the ill-fated JJB Sports.

Management services firm MITIE Group has had a decent couple of years, but the price has slumped this year as write-offs and ballooning debts have damaged confidence. And today, the shares hit a 52-week low of 247 pence.

But even the latest forecasts for the year to March 2014 suggest a small rise in earnings per share, putting the shares on a P/E of 10. And there's a dividend of 11 pence per share expected, which would yield 4.4%. Is this an oversold bargain? Only you can decide that.

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